• No processing fees.


  • No Compulsory savings.


  • No down payment. (Equity)


  • Insurance of #500 is attached in case of death or permanent disability.


  • Household items acceptable as collateral.


  • Interest rate is very attractive.

Terms and Conditions

  • The beneficiary must be recommended by the school management.
  • Both parents must be gainfully engaged.
  • Every loan must be repaid back within one term. (3 months)
  • Husband and wife must be joint applicants and a third party guarantor is required.
  • Parents of beneficiaries in the same school could stand as guarantors.
  • Schools must present their schedule of schools fees.
  • Parents must inform the bank in the event that they decide to relocate their wards to another school.
  • Parents or guarantors must deposit their post- dated cheques.

Benefits to the parents & schools

  • School fees payment will be made easy for parents and ease the school debt burden.
  • Sending students out of school on the ground of non-payment of school fees will become a thing of the past.