The Bank’s Corporate Identity
The Bank’s corporate identity rests on the following five fundamental values with the acronym HEIRS
At GMFB we believe that the “customer is king”. Moreover, staff are taught to cherish small beginnings. As a deliberate business philosophy, we support small and micro enterprises. We are not ashamed to call the road side akara (bean cake) seller or roadside mechanic or the tailor our customer. In fact, such persons constitute our primary constituency! We see in them the making of a virile SME sector, the bedrock of Nigeria’s real industrialization. We attend to all persons to find out how we may effectively assist them, particularly in realizing their dreams.
We are always looking for better ways to do our work so as to meet international standards. We pursue excellence in service delivery with a passion. Our staff are taught to be innovative. Even though we are a micro finance bank, we seek to compete effectively with the universal banks in the quality of the services we render to our growing customers.
Every member of staff of GMFB is taught to uphold, the virtues of moral excellence, honesty, wholeness and sincerity in all interactions with everyone – customers, service providers, fellow staff and all other stakeholders. This value is proving tremendously helpful in building our image.

We are totally focused on the needs of our primary constituency i.e. grassroots people, the poor people who are economically disadvantaged in Nigeria’s paradox of an oil rich nation that is chocking from the menace of massive poverty. We respond promptly to the financial, technical and other needs of the poor in order to break the circle of poverty which grips them and make them upward mobile. We also respond to the needs of our staff for a good working environment, characterized by transparency, merit, personal responsibility and accountability, where their potentials can be actualized. We also respond to the needs of our community for good corporate governance and social responsibility.
We serve our customers with all our dedication. At GMFB, we listen carefully to our customers so as to gain good knowledge of the customer and intimate understanding of their business needs. This is an integral part of the Bank’s marketing strategy, and it is done with a view to developing mutually beneficial and enduring relationships. We are constantly driven by a strong desire to assist our customers in their efforts to create value. We partner with our customers in a way that reflects understanding and appreciation of their business. Whatever we need to do legitimately to serve our customers’ legitimate interest we will always do